Hesco Helpline

When you encounter issues related to your electricity supply or have urgent questions, knowing how to reach the HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) helpline is crucial. This comprehensive guide to HESCO’s helpline, ensures that you have quick access to assistance whenever you need it.

The Importance of HESCO Helpline

HESCO, as a trusted electricity provider in Hyderabad and surrounding areas, understands the significance of prompt and efficient customer support. Their helpline plays a vital role in addressing customer concerns and ensuring that the electricity supply remains reliable and hassle-free.

Here’s why the HESCO helpline is crucial:

Emergency Support:

 In the event of power outages, electrical faults, or other urgent situations, the HESCO helpline is your lifeline to get the assistance you need quickly.

Billing Queries:

 If you have questions or concerns about your electricity bills, the helpline can provide clarity and resolve any issues promptly.

General Inquiries:

 Whether you need information about new connections, tariff rates, or any other aspect of HESCO’s services, the helpline is there to guide you.

Now, let’s dive into how to contact the HESCO helpline and some SEO-friendly tips for this article.

How to Contact the HESCO Helpline

132 KV Nooriabad025-467021003372192326
132 & 66 KV T.M.Khan022-334266003372192338
132 KV Badin0297-86227503372192341
132 KV Bulri Shah Karim022-334318103372192340
132 KV Chambar022-300260103372192274
132 KV Dour0244-32581903372192261
132 KV Ganghra Mori022-303720203372192306
132 KV Golarchi022-303207503372192342
132 KV Gulshan-e-Shahbaz022-292111603372192316
132 KV Hala022-3332403, 022-304352903372192257
132 KV Jamshoro0304-192936503372192317
132 KV Jhampir025-4670295 / 27803372192319
132 KV Jherruk03372192318
132 KV Kalu Kohar025-400747303372192327
132 KV Kazi Ahmed0332-293766003372192263
132 KV Khanote03372192320
132 KV Kohsar022-301405703372192305
132 KV Kotri Site022-387060303372192315
132 KV Latifabad022-388516503372192304
132 KV Matiari022-276083203372192251
132 KV Mirpur Sakro0298-60139703372192334
132 KV Mirpurkhas0233-50607903372192271
132 KV Mirwah Gorchani0233-51598603372192275
132 KV N.T.P.S022-388659403372192325
132 KV Nawabshah Site0244-29520403372192252
132 KV Nawabshah-I0244-937002803372192259
132 KV Nawabshah-II0244-937002603372192255
132 KV Phulleli022-263543003372192314
132 KV Pir Patho0298-77418603372192333
132 KV Qasimabad022-924024903372192299
132 KV Saeedabad0333-022716103372192254
132 KV Sakrand0244-28934903372192250
132 KV Samaro022-3043013, 0238-42118403372192279
132 KV Sanghar0331-336961403372192262
132 KV Sehwan Sharif025-401736503372192322
132 KV Shah Latif03372192308
132 KV Shahdadpur0244-49295903372192253
132 KV Shahpurchakar0235-84354403372192258
132 KV Shalmani03372192321
132 KV Sujawal0298-60437503372192335
132 KV Sultanabad0233-50487503372192273
132 KV T.A.Yar022-276342803372192272
132 KV Talhar0297-83029303372192346
132 KV Tando Adam022-304347603372192249
132 KV Tando Jam022-276634603372192307
132 KV Thana Bula Khan025-470027903372192328
132 KV Thatta0298-92003803372192332
132 KV Umer Kot0238-423295, 0238-57007603372192276
66 KV Chachro0232-27314703372192286
66 KV Digri0233-86941003372192281
66 KV Diplo0232-22129603372192291
66 KV Head Jamrao03372192260
66 KV Islamkot0232-26304203372192293
66 KV Kadhan0297-86402503372192347
66 KV Kaloi03372192290
66 KV Kandiari0235-52108503372192278
66 KV Khipro0233-51687203372192284
66 KV Kunri022-293852903372192287
66 KV Ladiun0298-77839803372192336
66 KV Matli0297-84023003372192344
66 KV Mithi0232-26123003372192292
66 KV Nabisar0238-57503003372192288
66 KV Nagarparkar0232 – 263199/4203372192294
66 KV Naukot0233-51527803372192283
66 KV Pangrio0297-85709503372192289
66 KV Pithoro0233-50758203372192285
66 KV T.J.Muhammad0233-50629403372192282
66 KV Tando Bago03372192348
66 KV Tando G.Ali0297-85126103372192345

Customer Service Number:

The most direct way to reach the HESCO helpline is by calling their customer service number. You can find this number on your electricity bill as well.

When calling, be prepared to provide your account information or other relevant details to assist the customer service representative in addressing your concern.

Make sure to note down any reference number or ticket number provided during your call for future follow-up.


The HESCO helpline is your go-to resource for all matters related to your electricity supply. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency, billing queries, or general inquiries, knowing how to reach the HESCO helpline ensures that you can get assistance quickly and efficiently. By following the guidelines provided in this article, you’ll be well-prepared to address any concerns or inquiries, making your experience with HESCO a smooth one.

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